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My Fall 2013 Stats

Sales I've registered to sell at:
4 Sales
Sales I've already sold at:
3 Sales

Hours I've registered to volunteer:
48 Hours
Hours I've already volunteered:

Items tagged and ready to go:
256 Items
Items sold:
198 Items

Sales I'm planning on shopping at:
10+ Sales
Sales I've already shopped at:
5 Sales

Profit (Amount earned - amount spent):
Estimated Savings (Retail price of items - amount spent):

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October 1, 2013

Featuring Kid Mania (Pennsylvanian)

2151 North Main Street, Washington, PA 15301
OCT 4: 9am – 6pm  (Restocking Friday Night)
OCT 5: 9am – 6pm
OCT 6: 9am – 2pm  (1/2 Price day)

Please tell us a little bit about your sale:

KID MANIA is a seasonal consignment event selling over 50,000 NEW and GENTLY used Maternity & Kids Clothing (Newborn – Size 12), Baby Equipment, Baby Gear, Furniture, Toys, Books, Movies, Video Games and more at 75%-90% off retail.

We have grown so much we are no longer just for kids and started FASHION MANIA which is a seaonal UPSCALE RESALE selling over 10,000 NEW & GENTLY USED Designer Clothing & Accessories for both Men & Women (Teen - Adult Sizes).

How did you get into this business?
I was a single mom that wanted to sell her kid’s designer clothes but found I did not get the money I wanted in a Yard Sale, Craigslist, or other Consignment Stores. I visited another Seasonal Event in the past and thought, “I can organize a local event to help other moms like myself and give even more of a percentage back. This would keep our prices down because consignors get what they want for the items they are selling. This makes it a win-win for both the consignor and shopper!”

How many years have mothers been enjoying your sale?
I started my sale in 2003 and this fall KID MANIA will be hosting its 20th event!

How many sellers participate in your sale each season?
Now that KID MANIA has RESTOCKING CONSIGNORS I allow anywhere from 125 – 150 Consignors that average 50,000 + Items each event.

What is your favorite thing about your sale?
Getting to help other moms and now we even have those dad consignors! I enjoy seeing each and every person a couple of times a year. I feel I truly help so many families in the community!

What do you think makes your sale unique?
Our quality and quantity will meet your expectations and the prices are low and reasonable. There are Vendor Tables, Vendor Raffles, A Food Court, Free Admission, Parking, and Giveaways. I am also genuine; I truly care about my Consignors, Volunteers, Shoppers and Vendors. KID MANIAs mission statement is Women Helping Women and I live up to it. I personally try to meet and thank everyone that comes to our event.

Some people are under the impression you work just the one-week (Sale week) out of the year. How much time do you put into your sale? I work full time plus own KID MANIA and FASHION MANIA on the side (with 6 kids). In the evening I am always doing research on line, updating my website, networking with other Event Owners, changing the way I run the business, looking for new advertising and cost saving methods. During the sale I can answer 50 – 100 emails a night and at least an hour or so on social networking for the business. It really is another full time job, in fact I use up all my vacation days to run each event.

If you could teach or tell your sellers one thing, what would it be?
This is not a garage sale, bring only the best of your best and designer clothing and equipment sell the best. Also, read the website and the tips I send out to make it a great experience. Our consignors average $500 or more and our top sellers $1,000- $3,000.
KID MANIA appreciates our Volunteer help. We offer many incentives such as PRESALE passes to all volunteers, DISCOUNTS to consignors who volunteer, and a chance to win a RAFFLE ITEM. We ask volunteers to not bring children and show up on time for their shifts.
Have fun and give yourself enough time in your day to shop and checkout. Friday is our busiest day and lines are long. Maybe leave those little ones with a sitter to get the best experience and bargains! Also, remember I am a mother like you (not a retail store with billions of dollars to use); the sale is run all by volunteers working hard to help you checkout as quickly as possible. We offer IKEA Bags to use to shop & accept Cash, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

What is your most memorable, touching or funny moment/story in your sale’s history?
I once had a mother that had to move due to the recession. Her older son suffered from seizures and in her new home his bedroom was too far away at night to hear him. She reached out to me looking for baby monitor (on our off season) that she could afford. I reached out to my amazing consignors and we had several to offer her a free monitor. I found one consignor immediately deliver to her house – no cost. At our next event a few months later I had this mother approach our checkout telling them her story looking for me, when I saw them all in tears I walked over. The mother said “Thank you, you saved my son’s life. The very next night after receiving the monitor, her son went into a seizure and almost died. If she did not have the monitor, she would not have heard him to get an ambulance so quickly. I can never thank you enough for helping a perfect stranger in need!” Now this is what KID MANIA is all about!

How can shoppers, volunteers, and sellers find out more about your sale? More information is found on our websites at www.KidManiaSale.com or www.FashionManiaSale.com. Click on the CONTACT tab to get on our mailing list! If you have Facebook, LIKE our pages at www.Facebook.com/KidManiaSale or www.Facebook.com/FashionManiaSale.


September 18, 2013

Upcycle Series: Clothes

Consignment sales are a great place to not only find great deals for your kid's clothes and toys, but also a great place to find items for upcycleing and craft projects. For those of you who don't know upcycle is defined by the urban dictionary as "1.Using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary 2.The process of converting an industrial nutrient (material) into something of similar or greater value in its second life." I plan to give you several ideas for some of the most popular consignment sale items. This week, whether you snatch up some inexpensive ones at a sale or use your favorite ones to make a family keepsake:


1. Doll Clothes /// 2. Baby Quilt /// 3. Toy Bag /// 4. Birthday Bunting /// 5. Activity Book /// 6. Framed Art /// 7. Newborn Hat /// 8. Barefoot Sandals /// 9. Baby Headbands /// 10. Cute Creatures /// 11. Diaperbag /// 12. Baseball Hat /// 
13. More Clothes /// 14. Christmas Stocking /// 15. Bibs /// 16. Baby Games

For more ideas check out my Upcycle board on Pinterest!

I do not claim any of these ideas as my own. I have linked each idea to as close to the original source as I can find. If you can claim one of these ideas as your own, please do not hesitate to e-mail me so I can give you credit. Thanks!

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